Automatic White Russian seeds

nirvana white ice Automatic White Russian seeds are a special type of White Russian marijuana that will grow potent buds throughout its life cycle regardless of the age of the plant of the light/darkness ratios.

Most cannabis strains have a flowering cycle. They only start to produce the flowers/buds/colas near the end of its life cycle and the production of the potent parts of the marijuana plants are triggered by decreasing light and increasing dark cycles – like at the end of summer.

A particular marijuana strain called Ruderalis is auto-flowering or ‘automatic. It strats to produce buds soon after germination and continues to produce these potent nuggets until its klife cycle is over. To examples of Ruderalis is Ruderalis Indica and Ruderalis Skunk.

Automatic White Russian seeds are created by crossing the amazing White Russian strain with Ruderalis. Now you can get White Russian Serious Seeds that is auto-flowering – developing buds shortly after germination and throughout its cycle. Trim buds and have a smoke as you watching your White Russian marijuana crop growing.

Fortunately, you can get White Russian seeds for sale that are also automatic.

Get a single Automatic White Russian seed for €9.59

Check out the parent strains of White Russian seeds at Cannabis Seeds UK Direct:


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