Growing White Russian

grow white russian guideWhite Russian is an easy-to-grow marijuana strain plant works equally well in soil or hydro.

Intermediate in size, White Russian is not too leafy, giving it an open canopy that makes it perfect for indoor gardening.

This plant is appropriate for a sea of green method. The yield is excellent, with a normal harvest producing 450+ grams per square meter.

The thick colas resemble their Indica heritage in size and density, and are typically coated with light tan crystals. At maturity, the hairs turn to auburn.

White Russian buds smell sweet and green, with a light undertone of skunk.

The sweetness is enhanced in the flavor, although heavier like hash oil rather than lighter like flowers.

An smooth smoke, White Russian has a clear high with long duration. The effect can be complex, but tends toward wakefulness rather than sleep, and may have some buzzy dimensions.

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Disclaimer: It is legal to trade in cannabis seeds in most civilized countries however it is against the law to cultivate marijuana in many countries. This blog in no way condones or supports anyone breaking the law. Any discussion about growing marijuana from White Russian seeds or any other Serious Seeds in purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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