White Russian Skunk

white russian skunkOne of the most famous marijuana strains in the world, White Russian from Serious Seeds is sometimes called White Russian Skunk -because it is so skunky – in the good sense of the word ;-).

Sure it contains some wicked skunk genetics – with White Widow being ones of its esteemed parents.

Simply put, White Russian pure or White Russian skunk, if you prefer, kicks butt. I sometimes wonder why anybody would consider growing any other type of marijuana strain.

What’s so special about White Russian Skunk? Neck, where do I start?

Big sticky harvest of great tasting mind-blowing weed every time – that’s what this super cannabis strain delivers. No messing about with Serious Seeds.

Disclaimer: It is legal to trade in marijuana seeds in most civilized countries however it is against the law to cultivate marijuana in many countries. This blog in no way condones or supports anyone breaking the law. Any discussion about growing marijuana from White Russian seeds or any other Serious Seeds in purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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