Feminized White Russian seeds

feminized white russian seedsSmart growers use only feminized White Russian seeds when cultivating high yielding cash crops.

Using feminized seeds ensures that each and every seed planted will develop into a bud producing female marijuana plant. The buds will be extra large and potent because there will be no male pollen about to contaminate it.

In the case of White Russian Serious Seeds you can expect a huge harvest of resin-sticky buds coated in a light frosting of whitish crystals. The THC content of 20+% puts this strain in the medical marijuana category.

Harvests of around 500+ grams per plant can be expected when you use feminized White Russian Seeds.

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paradise seedsWhite Russian seeds cannot be sent the USA. If you are from the States and want a fast delivery of high grade cannabis seeds direct from Amsterdam click the link: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Disclaimer: It is legal to trade in cannabis seeds in most civilized countries however it is against the law to cultivate marijuana in many countries. This blog in no way condones or supports anyone breaking the law. Any discussion about growing marijuana from White Russian seeds or any other Serious Seeds in purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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