White Russian seeds feminised

feminised white russian seedsWhite Russian seeds are now available in feminised form. What does that mean?

Feminised seeds have been specifically bred to only grow into female marijuana plants. It’s female cannabis plants that produce the potent buds that are dried and smoked. The male plants just produce the pollen to fertilize the female buds that will then produce more seeds.

Why would you want a crop of female only marijuana? If the female plants are demied the pollen to create seeds, the buds become for more potent5 – sticky with resin even. This is the stuff also known as sinsimillia (literally ‘without seeds). It tastes better, smokes better, is way more potent, and you’ll never have to contend with exploding seeds in your joint.

Feminised seeds ensure an all-female crop – which is what you want if you’re planning to grow high quality smoking weed.

Not all cannabis seed varieties are available in feminised form but you can get White Russian seeds feminised from two reputable seed banks. One sells a single White Russian seed and the other sells packets of White Russian seeds feminised.

Take you pick :-).

White Russian feminised seeds packet of 6 for £59.99
White Russian seeds feminised

Get a single feminised White Russian seed for €9.28

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    Disclaimer: It is legal to trade in cannabis seeds in most civilized countries however it is against the law to cultivate marijuana in many countries. This blog in no way condones or supports anyone breaking the law. Any discussion about growing marijuana from White Russian seeds or any other type of cannabis sees in purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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