White strain cannabis seeds

white russian seedsWhite Russian isn’t the only strain of great ‘white’ marijuana. It’s part of a larger family of white strain cannabis seed.

The White Strain marijuana types are characterised bu high crystal production coating the devlpoing cannabis buds with a whitish frosting.

White strain cannabis is a Sativa /Indica hybrid branch of the cannabis family but tends to be predominantly Indica in effect producing a calming, almost narcotic effect when smoked.

This has made this type of weed very popular in the Amsterdam coffes-shop culture with prominence given to White Widow but other White strains are also become increasing popular such as White Rhino and White Queen and White Berry.

All the White strain cannabis seeds produce marijuana that is good from growing indoors and results in large yield of potent weed that is smooth to smoke and is enjoyed around the world.

If you’re not sure what kind of cannabis you’d like to develop, you can’t go wrong with a white strain, particularly White Russian seeds.


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