Automatic White Russian Single Feminised Seeds

white russian automatic seedsWhite Russian is a very popular strain around the world and now it has been improved with the auto-flowering treatment.

One of the last of the original strains created with the auto-flowering Lowryder to be developed, Auto White Russian is an auto-flowering hybrid of a Serious Seeds White Russian female with an original Lowryder. Like the Serious Seeds mother, the Auto White Russian will frost up most during the last few weeks of its life and 48 hours of darkness just prior to harvest will maximize this.

An easy strain to grow, White Russian likes to be started from seed, directly into 5 litre containers and can take a certain amount of neglect as long as it gets enough water.

Starts flowering after two weeks, White Russian grows with a good central cola and medium branching supporting resin soaked buds. The smoke is strong and tasty like most white strains. The high potency makes gives great highs that could be described as a well-balanced stone.

Get a single feminized White Russian seed for €9.28


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